Freire delivers new tuna seiner

The Vigo shipyard has delivered a new 77-metre tuna vessel with a 1528 cubic metre capacity to Grupo Calvo.

Construcciones Navales P. Freire (Freire Shipyard) has delivered the new tuna seiner Monteraiola for Grupo Calvo. The vessel is the first of a renewal plan for the Galician company fleet, which seeks greater efficiency for its vessels, better accommodation for its crews and a greater commitment to sustainable fishing.

‘The construction of this tuna vessel is a decisive step in the fleet renewal plan we have set ourselves,’ explained Calvo’s fleet manager, Mararena Ubis Lupion.

Grupo Calvo’s new Monteraiola replaces a larger previous vessel. Image: Javier JAC / El Monteraiola, de Grupo Calvo, reemplaza a un barco más grande

The Vigo shipyard received the order at the beginning of 2019. Freire has long experience of building this type of vessel, has several tuna operators among its client list, and has a track record of delivering such vessels, such as Draco in 2006, for Mar de Las Antillas.

Monteraiola design’s was the developed by the Spanish naval architect Cintranaval. With a steel hull (painted in the company’s white and blue colour scheme), Monteraiola measures 1976GT and will operate in Atlantic Ocean waters, and has accommodation on board for a crew of up to 30.

Marco supplied Monteraiola’s power block and purse seine handling setup. Image: Javier JAC / Marco suministra el halador y el sistema para el manejo de las redes de cerco

With a 77 metre overall length and a 13.60 metre breadth, Monteraiola is powered by a 3392kW MaK 6M 32E main engine and has two Mitsubishi S16R auxiliary engines, each producing 1500kW.

During the sea trials – both private and official – which were completed without any problems, the diesel consumption at cruising speed was shown to be 25% less than the company’s older vessels achieve.

As Mararema Ubis explained, one of Calvo’s objectives is to ‘reduce the sector’s contribution to climate change’.

Spooling the purse seine on board. Image: Javier JAC / Subiendo las redes de cerco a bordo

‘The cargo capacity is 1528 cubic metres and can process 1,000 tonnes of tuna per trip,’ Mararena Ubis added, pointing out that the Monteraiola’s capacity replaces that of a vessel that has already been taken out of service, so Calvo is not increasing its fishing capacity, ‘thus avoiding an increase in pressure on the fishing resource.’

The new tuna vessel replaces a larger one, the 82.83 metre, 12.88 metre breadth, 2157GT Montealegre, which recently left the company’s fleet.

Grupo Calvo’s Monteraiola departing from the Freire yard in Vigo. Image: Javier JAC / El Monteraiola saliendo del astillero Freire en Vigo

The group has a total of 12 vessels, of which seven are tuna vessels, two are refrigerated merchant ships and three are support vessels that operate in the Atlantic. The company’s intention for the Monteraiola is to start fishing at the end of this month in the Atlantic.

There it will work under the APR ( Responsible Fishing Tuna) certification, a standard that certifies that the fleet’s operations are carried out in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The Calvo Group plans to continue renewing its fleet in the medium term, although for the moment it has not given any clues as to when it will build the next unit. According to Maracera Ubis, the new ship is ‘the first milestone,’ with more to follow.