Scalloper quartet for Normandy fishermen

A group of French fishermen from Ouistreham followed the example of their colleagues along the coast in Cherbourg, and went to a Turkish shipbuilder to order four identical scalloper/trawlers, which were built in only eight months to be shipped to France.

Designed by French company Archi Delion, the 13.44 metre by 6.40 metre breadth vessels are designed primarily foe scalloping, but will also pursue other fisheries outside the scallop season.

Melodie De La Mer has been built for Olivier Marie, Lalfa 2 for Benoît Nadeau, and Yaka II and Cocody are for Pascal Simon. They all replace older boats and will operate from Ouistreham once they arrive in France, shipped as hold cargo in a freighter from the Nova Shipyard at Tuzla in Turkey. This isn’t the first time that Nova has built for French fishing vessel owners, having delivered Le Pearl and Suzanga to Cherbourg fishermen in 2020.

Melodie de la Mer has been built at Nova Shipyard for Olivier Marie / Melodie de la Mer a été construit au chantier Nova pour Olivier Marie

‘We had a colleague who had already built his boats there and he was satisfied,’ explained Pascal Simon.

‘French shipyards aren’t up to the job, and what’s more, they are more expensive. The type of vessel we had built can cost up to €1,500,000 in France. That’s almost €500,000 more than in Turkey. And, you know, we are always well received there.’

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He added that they had considered a yard in the Netherlands, which built the Scopale seine netters operating from Boulogne, but this size of vessel was seen as too small.

‘We wanted small, but more efficient boats,’ he said.

These scallopers will be able to work with a crew of four, rotating three and sea and one ashore, instead of six.

‘We sell our catches ourselves, so we are aiming to be as profitable as possible. From now on, even if we don’t fish all that much, we’ll still be able to survive.’

Lalfa 2 is Benoît Nadeau’s new scalloper/trawler / Lalfa 2 est le nouveau coquillard/ chalutier de Benoît Nadeau

The four new boats will fish in the Baie de Seine and the Channel, targeting mainly scallops but also fishing for sole, mackerel and sea bream outside the scallop season.

The four trawlers were built simultaneously at Nova Shipyard over a period of eight months, under BV inspection and French regulations. They are laid out with a 25m3 fishroom with a dedicated chiller system.

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Pascal Simon pointed out that while the build took place in Turkey, the majority of the equipment and systems on board are from European suppliers, mostly in France. This ensures that systems are under French guarantees, he said.

There are economies of scale in building four vessels to the same specification and equipment packages. Each trawler as a 450hp Baudouin main engine and reduction gear powering a Kort Propulsion propeller and nozzle combination.

Melodie De La Mer, Lalfa 2, Yaka II and Cocody are on their way to France and will operate from Ouistreham / Melodie De La Mer, Lalfa 2, Yaka II et Cocody sont en route pour la France et opéreront depuis Ouistreham

Bopp supplied the hydraulics, with a 450kg HA450 bow thruster and SLK350, +/- 35° steering gear supplied to all four trawlers. The deck equipment layout allows for twin-rig trawling with a pair of TS18 main trawl winches capable of holding 500 metres of 18mm warp, and a single TPH18 middle winch with capacity for 250 metres of 16mm warp. The trawl winches all have a 9-tonne pull.

The fishing gear setup on each trawler is one 2-2 ECH E18 double and one 1-1 ECH E18 single netdrum, as well as a TCH18 gilson and a pair of TCH02 gilsons. Bopp also supplied the MD250 landing crane, and all of the control panels for the various hydraulic systems on board.