Day Dawn FR-90

Day Dawn FR-90

New twin-rigger for Fraserburgh brothers

New twin-rigger Day Dawn has started fishing from Fraserburgh following its delivery by the Parkol yard in Whitby, where the new trawler had been lifted into the water in March this year for the later stages or outfitting.

The 22.20 metre, 7.50 metre beam Day Dawn replaces the 19 metre Challenger that skipper Chaz Bruce and his brother Martin had been working since it was built at the same yard in 2010. Still in Fraserburgh, Challenger is now Harvest Moon.

The brothers chose the Day Dawn name for their newbuild in memory of their father, as this was the name of his boat when they both started at sea with him.

Day Dawn has been built at Parkol Marine Engineering for brothers Chaz and Martin Bruce. Image: Eugene Rutter

‘The boat performed well, it was very quiet, generally really impressed and everything seems to have worked out well, very pleased with the new boat,’ Chaz Bruce said after bring in the new trawler home from Whitby to take on the Faithlie Trawls fishing gear and Thyborøn trawl doors to carry out the first fishing trials.

Designed by Ian Paton of SC McAllister, the Parkol-built Day Dawn has a 700-box fishroom capacity and is laid out with two single cabins and two three-berth cabins on board.

Day Dawn’s two pairs of gear from Faithlie Trawls spooled onto the net drums

Seaquest Systems were selected to supply Day Dawn’s deck equipment, starting with a two-speed, three-drum, 32.70-tonne trawl winch located in its own weathertight compartment forward. This is spooled with 300 fathoms of 20mm warp supplied by Karl Thomsen.

As well as having local controls, the winch can be controlled remotely from the wheelhouse in much the same way as if it were three split winches, and the winch space has full video monitoring. The warps lead up and above the shelterdeck and aft to the gantry and the centre clump bay.

Day Dawn has side-by-side 15.60-tonne Seaquest split net drums for the two sets of twin-rig gear supplied by Faithlie Trawls. These are a pair of 180-foot letterbox style trawls and a pair of 170-foot scraper trawls, all of which are rigged onto disc footropes. The trawls are made mainly in Breztech netting, and Faithlie Trawls also supplied the full set of sweeplines, bridles and a pair of Thyborøn 72 doors. Jackson Trawls supplied an inventory of shackles, swivels and chandlery.

The gear is deployed through the aft net hatches fitted with rail rollers, with a plastic-lined bay for the centre weight between them.

The aft gantry supports the Fleming Fairleads blocks, and a 1.50t/6.50m Seaquest powerblock crane, rotatable through 360°, is mounted on top of the gantry, providing flexibility for handling the trawl gear. The controls for the crane and powerblock are protected by a stainless steel housing, plus there is a radio control unit.

Hatches and the clump bay at Day Dawn's stern. Image: Eugene Rutter

Below the gantry are two gear storage pounds with double-hinged aluminium covers, intended to keep spare sweeps, netting and other items dry and protected until needed. Ahead of these is the hatch for accessing the aft deck. Attached to the rail around the top of the hatch is the Quicksling man overboard rescue device, placed to be easily accessible when working on the open deck.

Seaquest Systems also supplied the 1000kg/8m landing crane forward and the 7-tonne gilson winch at the base of the forward gantry on the starboard side, located above the hopper. The crane has local and wireless controls, and both the gilson and the hydraulics to open the deck hatch are controllable both locally and from the wheelhouse.

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